TAOA Studio was created to be an IP generation engine. We bring decades of experience creating end to end content for the entertainment world and brand licensing.

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    My journey to comic book artist is a well trodden path. I started reading comic books in the mid 1970s, reading anything and everything that I could get my hands on. My gateway drug was the british humour comics. In need of a stronger fix, I moved onto british action adventure weeklies, which led to mainlining Marvel UK reprints and the inevitable spiral into the Marvel and DC monthlies imported from the US....

We’re seeking true believers as we create new cultural icons!

We’re here to build fun, meaningful and profitable partnerships with licensees and licensing agents by delivering unique, high quality, pain free and cost effective character driven IP.

Our values are reflected in our work with a fresh, positive and humorous take on the consistent appeal of retro and genre specific pop culture content.

Our distinct style and love of comic book and pop culture illustration shines through.

Delivering exceptional art and content designed to delight and grab the attention.

We’re looking forward to working together with you to launch exciting and highly valuable IP.


A deep IP library of pop culture themed collections.
A new collection launched each year.
Continual expansion and refresh of collections.
An expandable family of memorable characters with a rich and adaptable backstory for broader exploitation.
Meme worthy catchphrases and slogans.
Strong silhouettes and shapes.
Flexible art styles for multiple use.
License ready Style Guides and Story Bibles.
Collection specific sales and marketing materials.